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Laser engraving and laser marking

A laser engraver / marking work in almost the same way as a laser printer. The difference is the materials. The laser printer leaves color on paper, the laser engraver remove a thin layer of material, leaving a permanent surface particularly suited for labelling and decoration.

The material for laser engraving may be sheets or finished items. Common to them is that the surface ideally is a different color than the rest of the piece, eg. painted, anodized, gold, etc. Laser engraving removes part of surface and thereby creates a picture in the underlying material.

The technique has two major advantages. Firstly, the picture is chiselled into the material surface and therefore can not be removed again. This makes it particularly suitable for various forms of identification, numbering, bar codes and type of signs. Second, the initial costs low. No cost for film work and fixtures. Thereby, it is economically possible to laser engrave batches from 1 and on.

Induflex is using laser engraving mainly for identification marking and decorative purposes.
Lasergraveret skilt
Laser engraved plate. The laser has removed the upper thin silver layer.
Identification marking

For laser engraving special sheets are made. The plates are composed of raw materials in various colors and thicknesses. By engraving through layers signs can be made in several colors. The materials are available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.

Signs can also be made of black anodized aluminum, which is also suitable process diagrams

Laser engraving PCB
Laser engraved anodized aluminum

Laser engraved polycarbonate  
Decorative engraving

With the above special materials one can make all sorts of shop signs, sale displays and logos, but clear acrylic is also suitable for laser engraving. The engraving leaves a matt gray surface on extruded acrylic and matt white on cast acrylic.
Lasergravering af acryl
Laser engraved acrylic
Our laser engravers

Lasere Format Effekt
[mm] [watt]
LaserPro Mercury
400 x 600 30
QuickMark DPL:YAG 110 x 110 4
Eurolaser XL 3000 2000 x 3000 400
Lasergravering af spejlacryl Laser engraved acrylic mirror
  Laser engraving and laser marking

Identification marking

Decorative laser engraving

Our laser engravers

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