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CNC milling and CNC turning

CNC Milling and turning (CNC machining) is our preferred method for the manufacture of advanced parts. Virtually all types of plastics can be processed in this way.

We use CNC machining eksklusive for plastics. With 6 CNC milling machines, we have the capacity for large batch production, parallel with the development of production methods and prototypes for our customers.
Induflex CNC afdeling
Induflex's department for CNC machining
CNC machining

The biggest problem when CNC machining plastics is the tensions that inevitable arises. Consideration should also be taken considering tolerances since the heat expansion and moisture absorption is significantly higher than other materials. Machining of plastics require unique tools and processes. Tensions in plastic can result in breaks, cracks or crumbs. Our CNC machines are optimized for plastics.
We do not process metal.
 CNC fræsning af POM
Part CNC machining from 100 mm POM plate
Machine parts

The Machinery industry buy the majority of plastics produced in our CNC department. It can be a simple part such as a plate with a hole or advanced 3D prototypes. Many tasks also require that we combine CNC machining with laser cutting, gluing or thermoforming to create complete solutions.

A increasing part of the CNC tasks involve direct development or optimization of existing solution for weight and manufacturing cost.
  CNC fræsning af PVC
CNC machining, gluing and assembled
water filter.

For the electronics industry, we work within two areas. The mechanical parts inside the apparatus. Eg. holders, spacers and slide rails. Often we use CNC turning to rapidly produce large quantities of parts, but prototypes are also a significant proportion of the assigments.

The visible parts constitute the second area. Displays, front panels and opticals are often made of clear plastic (acrylic, PVC, PETG or polycarbonate). Often with a subsequent polishing of the machined surfaces. But we produce parts where the cnc machined surfaces are directly visible (eg the phone to the right).
 cnc fræsning af acryl
CNC Milling Acrylic
Advertising, marketing and In-store

We use CNC milling to manufacture In-store, sale displays, front and illuminated signs. Milling of logos, letters and tracks for LEDs are tasks where CNC milling is useful. In addition, we supplement with manual and semi-automatic machines to cheap and quickly rounding shelf edges and polishing showcases.

Almost all such assigments is carried out in collaboration with advertising agencies and sign companies.
CNC fræsning af salgsdisplay
Sales Display produced using CNC milling, laser cutting, heat bending, thermoforming and bonding
CNC processing of food contact approved plastic

Plastic getting in direct contact with food must be tested, approved by a certifying agency and the supplier must be certified by the national food Standards Agency. Additional the plastic processing method must be approved.

CNC milling and turning is normally considered as processes not altering the characteristic of the plastic towards foods. Plastic items manufactured from food approved plastic using cnc machining, can therefore be used in conjunction with food, without a separate certificate. Bu the items have to be delivered with traceability and a declaration of Conformity.
Induflex has been approved as supplier of food contact materials since 2011.

Item manufactured from food contact approved POM
CNC turning and milling CNC with Induflex

For milling and turning of plastic there are not many machines that are specially made for the purpose. The choice is therefore between machines for working metal or wood.

Metal machine provide a very robust machine that in many ways is "overkill" in relation to plastic. But there are no problems with accuracy and vibration.

Machines for milling / turning wood is lighter built and are in many cases, 'sufficient' for plastics processing. Furthermore they are available with large working areas.

We use both types. For the production of larger machine parts with high demands on tolerances we usually use the metal machines. For easier milling and turning, such as thin plates with large areas, we use our machines designed for wood.
CNC drejning af plast
Combined CNC turning and milling

CNC milling of POM

Our machines for CNC machining

Metalfræsere(3-akset) Bearbejdningsareal
X,Y,Z [mm]
Lagun MC600 550 x 400 x 530
Lagun MC9040 600 x 400 x 450
Lagun MC7638 580 x 406 x 320
Lagun GVC 1000 1000 x 500 x 450
SCM Record 121 2600 x 1080 x 260
SCM Record 125 3000 x 1200 x 260
Drejebænke(CNC) Ø x L [mm]
Leadwell LT25 480 x 600
Pinacho S-90/225 200 x 600
CNC Drejning plast
CNC turning
  CNC milling and CNC turning

CNC machining

Machine parts


Advertising, Marketing and

Milling and turning of
food contact approved plastic

CNC turning and CNC milling with Induflex Production

Our machines for CNC machining

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