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Speaker fronts

  • Milling
  • Mounting fabric
  • Inserting screws

For speakers Induflex manufacture fronts in different sizes and shapes. The type show to the left is made of a 3 mm sandwich material.
The material for the speaker fronts

This type of speaker front is made of a 3 mm sandwich material consisting of aluminum and polypropylene.
The combination of materials takes advantage of the low price and weight of the plastic and the stability of aluminum. The result is a light yet rigid structure.
Plademateriale til højtalerfront
The material used for the speaker fronts
Milling of the speaker fronts

The production of speaker fronts starts with CNC milling of the holes and outer format.

Newer CNC milling machines have such high demands on safety distance during production, that we install web cameras inside the machines. Otherwise, it is not possible to get a clear view doing processing.
Fræsning af højtalerefronte 
Image from the webcam located inside the CNC cutter.
Mounting fabric and screws

The milled front plates are then applied glue along the edge and placed in a fixture for the mounting of the fabric.
The special fixture ensures that the fabric pattern remains when it tightened around the plate.
The excess material is removed and the edges burned preventing the material unravels.

Finally screws are mounted.
Stofmontage på højtalerfronte 
The excess fabric is removed with heat.
  Speaker front

The material for the speaker front

Milling the plates for the speaker fronts

Mounting the fabric

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