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Display for wireless phone

Displays for mobile phones are usually produced from acrylic or polycarbonate which is injection molded and subsequently imposed a hard coating. Unfortunately, it is difficult to achieve a good result when hard coating small objects.

The display for the B & O BeoCom 2 is instead made from whole precoated sheet which basically makes the hard coating invisible.
  • Hard coating sheets
  • Appling a special protection foil
  • Laser engraving
  • Milling
  • visual inspection
Displayrude til Beocom 2

The displays are made of 3 mm polycarbonate hard coated on both sides.
Induflex impose a special protection foil on the sheets that does not leave adhesive residue And protect the display during processing.
With laser cutting the foil is pierced making milling easier.
Materiales til Beocom 2 s displayrude
The material used for the displays
Milling the displays

The sheet is retained with vacuum milled with 4 break-points.
Polycarbonate is a very tough material. If the foil is not removed along the milling, the quality is significantly reduced.
 Fræsning af displayruden
Milling the displays

The displays are removed from the sheet and the bridges cut off.
Displayruder til trådløs telefon 
The displays are milled with bridges
visual inspection

All displays are visually inspected for defects in material and coating.
 Pakning af displayruder til Beocom 2
Packing the displays for Beocom 2
  Display for wireless phone

Material for the display

Milling of display


visual inspection

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