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Acrylic lamps

Acrylic is widely used in lamps, both as a light guide, and as a part of the structure. The many ways acrylic can be formed provide designers with a lot of flexibility.

Here are a few examples:
  • Laser cutting
  • Heat forming
  • CNC milling
  • Surface treatment
  • Packing
Louis Poulsen collage lamp

The lampshades for the Louis Poulsen lamps "Collage Pendant" and "Collage Floor" is made of 3 mm acrylic.

The material arrives at Induflex facility in sheets size 2x3 meters. The sheets are laser cut in 3 different acrylic parts - Together forming one lampshade. One lampshade contains 700 holes, all of which have different shapes.

The acrylic sheets are then softened when gradually heating and placed into molds to cool.
Louis Poulsen lamper
Acrylic lamps. Laser cut and thermoformed 3 mm acrylic
TL Lyngsaa lamp "Svanen"

This acrylic lamp utilizes the ability of the acryl fiber. The LEDs in the center of the lamp sends light out to edges where the matte surface diffuses the light. The same technique is used for the production of Bang and Olufsen BeoCom 4
Acrylic lamp laser cut and milled out of a 12 mm clear acrylic.

TL Lyngsø lampe
Lamp made ​​of laser cut and machined 12 mm acrylic

Lamp from Osmund Olsen

Elliptical acrylic lamp
The lamp from designer Osmund Olsen, is shaped like a full ellipse and consists of 68 wings in 5 mm laser cut acrylic - sandblasted on the sides to break the light.

The acrylic parts are mounted on two plates of anodized aluminum, which creates a fictitious inner tube as a light diffuser. At the top of the lamp is mounted a sheet of reflecting brushed brass which also has a logo and technical information laser engraved into the surface.

Osmund Olsen

"Cache" lamps from Le Klint

Le Klint "Cache floor" and "Pendant black"
In Le Klint lamp series "Cache" the plissé is attached to an internal skeleton made of laser cut acrylic.

The acrylic is replacing the usual metal. It eliminates shadows and makes the lamp lighter.
Osmund Olsen

Design By Us "Papillion"

When manufacturing the acrylic lamp "Papillion", acrylic is used for both the shade and holder.
The blades are laser cut from 3 mm acrylic. The blades can quickly be changed to another color.
The diffuser is made from opal acrylic tubes and the holder of 8 mm laser cut acrylic.
Acrylic lamp made ​​of acrylic sheets and tubes.
  Acrylic lamps

Louis Poulsen "Collage"

TL Lyngsaa acrylic lamp "Svanen"

Osmund Olsen

Le Klint "Cache"

Design By Us "Papillion"

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