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Base for B&O Beocom 4

The acrylic base for Bang & Olufsen cordless phone, Beocom 4, is made by Induflex using a combination of laser cutting, turning and milling.
  • Hardcoatning
  • Laser cutting
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Printing
  • Control
Acrylfoden til Beocom 4
The finished product
The material

The starting point for the production is 8mm acrylic plates, hardcoated on both sides.
The plates are custom made because standard plates do not meet thickness tolerances of the product. The extensive machining also requires that a special protective film to be used.
 Beocom 4
BeoCom 4
Laser cutting of holes

The first process in the production is laser cutting of holes.
The surface required for the product I matt white. Laser cutting is leaving a clear surface that has to be further processed.
The purpose of the laser cutting is to remove as much material as possible. Also, when laser cutting hard coated acrylic, cracking appears along the cut. It will have to be removed.
Laserskæring af 8 mm hardcoated acryl 
The holes and the outer format is made with laser for subsequent processing
Milling of holes

The laser cutting leaves a remainder of 2 mm along the edge of the hole, which is milled away in a CNC milling machine. Milling leaves a matt surface, so no there is no glare inside the phone.
It is possible to start with the milling prior to the laser cutting, but the geometry of the holes, with the small radiuses would make it time consuming.
Fræsning af 8 mm hardcoated acryl
Each plates contains 53 pieces
Laser cutting the outer shape

Until now, the result is an 8 mm acrylic plate 500x400 mm in size with 106 holes each. The 53 items, which can be placed in each plate, are cut free from the laser in the same manner as holes were made. This could also be done with CNC milling, but it is difficult to secure such small item during the process.
The speed for the laser cutting justifies the extra process.
Laserskæring af 8 mm hardcoated acryl
Laser cutting the outer shape

The items are laser cut with a diameter 2mm larger than the finished piece. The finished surface must be uniform matt. This is achieved by a lathe removing the extra 2mm.
The lathe creates a surface that is not possible to create in any other way. E.g. it is not possible to create similar surface with milling.
The process is time-consuming. To save time, we have converted a CNC milling machine to act as a CNC lathe machine and connected a robot that automatically feeds with laser cut pieces.
Drejning af 8 mm hardcoated acryl
CNC milling machine
Pad printing and quality control

The last process is printing the logo on the side and a visual inspection of the hardcoating and machined surfaces. The tolerances are regularly checked and documented during production.
Finally, the items are dispatched in customized packaging.
Laserskåret, fræses og drejet 8 mm acryl
  Base for Beocom 4

The material for the base

Laser cutting of hols

Milling of hols

Laser cutting outer shape


Pad printing and quality control

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