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Bending of plastic

Plastic sheets can be bent by either heating or cold bending. Which method is used depends on the material and the desired quality
Bending of plastic sheets can be used for technical parts, such as slides and shields, and promotional items like sale displays and showcases.
Laserskåret og varmebukket brochure i acryl
Heat bending and laser cut acrylic brochure dispenser.
Heat bending plastic

When heat bending plastic, sheets are heated until they becomes soft. The sheets can then be bended and is maintained in position during cooling. The plastic will then keep the shape. Heat bended plastic is not in anyway damaged, and the strength is as great as if the material was cast in the same shape.

In principle, all types of thermoplastics can be heat bended, but some types are more suitable than others. Eg it is difficult to keep the temperature right when bending PEHD 1000
Induflex mainly heat bent the materials
Acrylic , PEHD 500 and PC.
 Varmebukket 8 mm acryl
Heat bent and glued 8 mm acrylic
Laserskåret og varmebukket pehd 500
Laser cut and heat bent PEHD 500
Cold bending of plastic

Cold bending of plastic sheets is done in the same way as with metal, but plastic is more difficult to handle and there is the risk that tensions will make the sheet partially bounce back. But cold bending can be done faster and cheaper than heat bending. Furthermore, it is possible to cold bend different types of polyester.
Typical materials which are cold bended are PEHD and PC. Acrylic can not be cold bent.
 Koldbukning af vivak
Cold bent battery holder made in 1 mm Vivak
Our bending machines

Bender Bending length
Shannon heat bender 1200
Shannon heat bender 2000
Shannon heat bender 3000
Custom built, water cooled 1000
Heat bending
  Bending of plastic

Heat bending plastic

Cold bending of plastic

Our bending machines

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